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Mary's Albums

This is a database of the albums that have been released on CD, and their track listings.


1.Those Were The Days
2.Lord Of The Reedy River
3.Happiness Runs
4.Love Is The Sweetest Thing
5.Y Blodyn Gwyn
6.The Honeymoon Song
7.The Puppy Song
8.Inch Worm
9.Voyage Of The Moon
10.Lullaby Of The Leaves
11.Young Love
12.Someone To Watch Over Me
13.Prince En Avignon
14.The Game
15.Show Business
(Bonus Tracks)
16.Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Reason)
17.Those Were The Days (Quelli Erano Giorni)
18.Those Were The Days (En Aquellos Dias)

Earth Song / Ocean Song

2.There'S Got To Be More
3.Silver Birch And Weeping Willow
4.How Come The Sun
5.Earth Song
7.Streets Of London
8.The Wind
9.Water, Paper And Clay
10.Ocean Song

Those Were The Days

1.Those Were The Days
3.Temma Harbour
4.Think About Your Children
5.Knock Knock Who's There
6.Que Sera Sera
7.Lontano Degli Occhi
10.Fields Of St. Etienne
12.Let My Name Be Sorrow
13.Kew Gardens
14.When I am Old One Day
15.Silver Birch And Weeping Willow
16.Streets Of London
17.Water Paper & Clay

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