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As this is the first 'newsletter' for the Mary Hopkin mailing list, I would like to take the time to thank all those that have joined. The list only began 5 days ago, and the numbers of members are presently 9. This will certainly increase over the next few weeks, so I hope there will be lots of mail being sent to the list. Up to now the list has been fairly quiet, so I am hoping to encourage members to write in with this letter.

The mailing list page is up and running, and will be continually updated, and I hope to make it the foremost place for Mary Hopkin information on the net. If you have anything you would like to contribute to the page, then please send it to be directly. I'm interested in putting lists of your collections on the pages, along with mine and Pat's. Also there is a classifieds page, so if you have anything to sell, or are looking for that one record that you've always wanted, then said a mail to me, and I'll put you on.

At the moment I don't know how regular the newsletter will be. I'll try to put up at least one a month, but it depends on how much new info I have. For the moment I am sending you all my review of Mary's recently released 'Early Song' album, available now from Sain records, and a look at the new Paul McCartney biography.

Barry Miles new Paul McCartney Biography


This is a new totally authorised book from Barry Miles about Paul McCartney. It was written from 35 interviews which Paul gave Barry. Paul did not sensor himself, but gave Barry the whole story, and when it was complete Paul checked through it, and removed sections which were deemed too sensitive, and might cause hurt or be liabelous. Paul wanted the biography, so that he could put things right, as he thinks that there are a lot of misconceptions, and he wanted to remove his and John's stereotypes. Apparently the one who was the most experimental was Paul, even though it was always believed to have been John. All the tape loops in the music were Paul, and not John. As for the Beatle songs, John & Paul wrote 50% each, but they had input in all their songs, making it a true partnership. Even though they had arguments, John & Paul both new the magic that their partnership entailed, both artistically, and financially, and would always 'Come Together'. This new book is entitled 'Many Years From Now', and is available now.

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