The Mary Hopkin Mailing List. Newsletter 2. *************************************************************

Not much Mary news at the moment. The mailing list page is still being added to. I am after scanned pictures of Mary for the pages, or lyrics to songs not already on the pages. If you can help out, then please send them to my address.

There has been problems with the mailing list. Hopefully these have now been solved. The problem still remains, that the mailing list is slow, but at the moment nothing can be done about it.

Latest News ****************************************************************

Derek Taylor died of cancer on September 8th. Derek will be best known for his sleeve notes that accompanied the original Beatle albums, and the recent rereleases.

George Harrison is being tested for cancer after he had a ten minute operation to remove a lump from his neck. Early reports said that George might be suffering from cancer, but this was completely unfounded.

Paul McCartney's new album 'Standing Stone' is now in the shops. It is his second attempt at classical music, the first being the 'Liverpool Oratorio'. Paul was comissioned by EMI for the climax of their centenary. celebrations

Paul is going to do another tour. No date has been set

The eurovision song contest is being backed by Paul McCartney for Liverpool next year. Guaranteed, if it does come, I will be there.

That's all the news for now. Still not much message flow on the mailing list at the moment. I you have any news then please send it to the list.

The Mary Hopkin Mailing List. Newsletter 2/2. *************************************************************

For the 2nd part I am sending a little about Paul MCartney's 'Standing Stone'. This was taken from tonights 'Exclusive' on channel 5.

The all new symphonic poem by Paul McCartney is of a massive scale with full symphonic choir and orchestra, despite the fact that he can't read music. He apparently tried 3 times to read music. Once as a kid, going to the 'old lady' down the road, once when he was 16, and again when he was 21. He could never get to grips with it as he was at the time writing, or making up music. The piece was entirely conceived on his computer. The piece is now number 1 on the American classical charts.

Paul sees the work as an obvious movement from 'one sort of rock to another'. He sees a lot in common with early music. paul says that he like Monteverdi, because like the early Beatles, Monteverdi did not know many chords.

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