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Lyrics to Sparrow

On Sunday morning everyone will leave the house Dressed for the Sunday service And through the streets I used to know They go to meet their friends And so they take the family seat For the grace in ernesty for getting all around him When they worship in the choir It's like a lark in summer

The sparrow sings the sparrow flies * With mighty wings he reaches As high as any other bird He's shouting hurry to all the earth

(repeat *)

A wealth of silence will descend upon the town In course of the everning The thought has troubled me before I know alone I need a sound to fill each moment I had to find it out my way They couldn't stop me leaving As though the old bird could not sing They let me go believing

(repeat * twice)

Throgh the blue and hazy drift of after two A saxophone is moaning I rise and step into the cool night heaven

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