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Lyrics to Summertime, Summertime

Mary in Hobby Horse

It's summertime summertime sum-sum-summertime

Well shut them books and throw 'em 3.awat
Say goodbye to the class today
Skip along and change your ways
It's summertime

Well, no more studyin' history
And no more reading geography
And no more dull geometry
Because it's summertime

*It's time to head straight for the mills
It's time to live and have some thrills
Come along and have a ball
A regular free-for-all

Well are you comin' or are you waiting
Dress up foiks and l'm off to play
Hurry up before I fade
It's summertime

Well I'm so happy that I bite your lip
Oh how I love to take a trip
I'm sorry teacher, but skip your lip
Because it's summertime

* repeat

Oh we'll go swimmin' every day
No time to work, just time to play
If your folks complain, just say
It's summertime

And every night we'll have a dance
'Cause summmer vacation is for romance
So man, this jive has me in a trance
Because it's summertime


It's Summertime...

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