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Song Lyrics

Fields of St. Etienne:
I'm Gonna Fall in Love Again:
Kew Gardens:
Knock Knock, Who's There:
Let My Name Be Sorrow:
Lontano Dagli Occhi:
Que Sera Sera:
Summertime, Summertime:
Sweet and Low:
Temma Harbour:
Those Were The Days:
Turn, Turn, Turn:

The Official, Unofficial Mary Hopkin Mailing List

Welcome to the Mary Hopkin mailing list homepage, the best site on the web for info on Mary. For all those who haven't heard of Mary, she was is a singer who emegered in the 60's, and recorded on the Beatles' Apple label. Her most famous song is 'Those Were The Days', which reached no.1. in the charts. After exploring this page, you might like to join the list. All you have to do is to enter your email address in the box at the top-left of the screen, and then clicking on the join button above it. I hope you leave this site with a new understanding of the greatness and wonder that was, and still is, Mary Hopkin.

Thank you for visiting the Mary Hopkin mailing list homepage. This page is designed so that fans of Mary can chat about her, exchange information, and also swap records. This list is not only for Mary Hopkin, but also for the Beatles, and all other artists that performed on the Apple Label. We also have our own chat room so that fans can chat in realtime.

Paul McCartney with Mary Hopkin in the recording studio

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